Natural Sea Salts

Natural sea salt requires ready access to the essential ingredient – seawater, so a coastal location is critical.  Ocean currents sweep up the east coast of New Zealand and into the salt lakes located at the top of the South Island.  The saltwater lakes are evaporated using the natural process of the sun and wind.  At the end of each summer, the sea salt is carefully gathered to maintain the balance of minerals naturally present in salt harvested from the sea

Hand blended in small batches

This four-ounce clear glass bottle comes with a black polypropylene easy grip grinder cap, which has a removable cover over the grinding mechanism. The design of this grinder cap helps to prevent residual spills. This grinder is refillable and great for dispensing peppercorns, coarse sea salts, or a variety of spices and seasoning blends.

CLUMPING: Unlike store-bought infused salts, our versions don't contain any anti-caking additives, so they will naturally clump over time. Simply give the salt a firm shake or rub the clumps between your fingers to break it up.