Our Aim

Our aim is to make Choice Fruit Products as environmentally sustainable as possible and we continuously look for areas where improvements can be made

Reducing, reusing and recycling waste helps save landfill space by keeping useful materials out

All of our wooden gift boxes are now hand-made with recycled & sustainable materials by The Shed Project– a community space providing opportunities for the differently-abled - therefore each box is unique and reusable.

Shipping and packaging

All of our products are shipped in recycled boxes (unless otherwise stated), without excess plastic wrapping.  We recycle everything and only those boxes that are too damaged to re-use end up being recycled at our local recycling depot.

We also use the backing paper from our label rolls as packing.


We compost all of our food scraps or give suitable fruit and vegetable scraps to our chickens who are the ultimate recyclers by giving us eggs.

Where does all our compost go - to the compost bins at home. these bins are closed off and left to compost for about three months, during which time we turn it over every 3-4 weeks.  After three months the compost is ready and we empty it into the vegetable garden to replenish the soil! so we can grow many of our fruit and vegetable requirements ourselves, all spray free..

Our vision is to become 100% compostable or recyclable, and we kindly ask all customers to reuse our packaging whenever possible.

Bulk Buying

Since our business has grown, we are now buying all of our products in larger quantities, mostly 25kg at a time. This means there is only one bag/box etc per ingredient, rather than buying in 1kg, 3kg or 5kg sizing. This means we have reduced the amount of  packaging considerably.

Glass Jars & Bottles

We have started a jar and bottle return system. Every jar or bottle you return (unfortunately we cannot recycle the lid) can be sterilised and re-used again up to 9 times saving a large amount of glass

Please leave the label on the jar so we know it's one of ours!

We attend many local fairs, we will have a box there for your recycled jars and bottles

Otherwise if you are local to Alicetown in Lower Hutt, please pop your jars and bottles into Forage Merchants of Wellington who are collecting these on our behalf

If in doubt, please email, text or call us


We recycle all of our glass and plastic - unfortunately there is no recycling collection where we live, but we take to the recycling depot on a regular basis.

Bottle Return System