Infused Vinegars

Vinegars are a great versatile ingredient with many uses. Use neat, over salads, or as a marinade over meat which helps the meat to soften before cooking

NOTE: Many bottles may show signs of having ‘mother’

What is mother – the ‘mother’ is the cloudy looking sediment which lies on the bottom of the bottle. It can over time start looking like a long string – this is the protein chain. It can also form on the top of the vinegar between the vinegar and lid. This can sometimes drop down and look like a circle in the vinegar

You can often see floating bits in the bottle – but do not be alarmed as this is what you want to see. These bits are the wonderful enzymes and minerals which our bodies feed off once consumed

The presence of the ‘mother’ is the most important part of the vinegar, the ‘mother’ is made up of living nutrients. It is these living nutrients which are beneficial to our health and also aid our digestive system

Sometimes you may not actually see the ‘mother’ but each bottle has the ‘mother’ in it – as the vinegar ages you will see the ‘mother’ growing in the bottle

For this reason, shake well before use to ensure you get some every time you use your vinegar