To ensure the safety of our customers, staff and producers we are observing our existing arrangements for food safety as required under our NP2 Food Control Plan and workplace health & safety.

Under our registered food control plan we will ensure that all our staff and producers are aware of these requirements.  In addition, we will observe the following basic hygiene measures at all times while the COVID- 19 rules are in place, in addition to the standard rules under our Food Control Plan:

  • Washing our hands often (for at least 20 seconds) and making sure they are dried thoroughly
  • Coughing or sneezing into your elbow or tissue and binning the tissue immediately
  • Regular deep cleaning of frequently touched surfaces
  • Avoid touching face, eyes, mouth and nose regardless of whether or not you have gloves or bare hands
  • Keeping your physical distance (not less than 2 metres)
  • Staying at home of you feel unwell

All new employees will be fully trained in all aspects of Choice Fruit Products Food Control Plan and Covid-19 requirements before commencing work.

Before, during and after work staff also commit to:

  • Observing social distancing at all times
  • Maintaining their bubble and only leaving home for essential items

Gloves, aprons and hair nets are worn as standard at Choice Fruit Products when preparing all food products (packaged and unpackaged).

Under COVID-19 requirements staff also have access to the following:

  • Face masks (where physical distancing cannot be maintained)
  • Hand sanitisers & wipes when hand washing is not available

The need for us all to observe these basic hygiene requirements, at work and at home, is critical to reducing the spread of COVID-19.